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Sanli Faez reports on: Topologically protected photons avoid Anderson localization.

Waves can propagate through a large ensemble of random obstacles by diffusion. This general mechanism allows light (electromagnetic waves) to travel through thick clouds and facilitate electrons (Schrödinger waves) to More info
Publ. 25-08-2014 10:07
Martin van Hecke appointed by AMOLF.
FOM Institute AMOLF is launching a new line of research in designer matter, aimed at the design of new forms of functional matter. Professor Martin van Hecke (Leiden University) will lead a More info
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Publ. 19-06-2014 17:32
Dirk Bouwmeester awarded NWO Spinoza prize 2014
Congratulations to Dirk Bouwmeester who has received the NWO Spinoza Prize 2014 from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. This was announced today by Jos Engelen, chair of the Netherlands More info
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Publ. 06-06-2014 16:32
Martina Huber awarded ECHO grant
Disease-Active States of Alzheimer’s Amyloid-beta Peptide by High-Field EPR To understand the molecular interactions in Alzheimer's disease, the elusive aggregates that are important in the disease need to be known. More info

Publ. 21-05-2014 11:42
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Recent articles

S. Mittal, J. Fan, S. Faez, A. Migdall, J. M. Taylor, and M. Hafezi (2014) Topologically Robust Transport of Photons in a Synthetic Gauge Field., Phys.Rev.Lett., 113, 087403.
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Hedde van Hoorn, Rolf Harkes, Ewa M. Spiesz, Cornelis Storm, Danny van Noort, Benoit Ladoux, and Thomas Schmidt (2014) The Nanoscale Architecture of Force-Bearing Focal Adhesions., Nano Lett., 14, 4257–4262.
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5 Sept, 16:00:00,
Van der Waals Colloquium
Prof. Manabu Kiguchi: Single molecular dynamics using the Surface enhanced Raman scattering.

12 Sept, 16:00:00,
Van der Waals Colloquium
Daniel Bonn (UvA):

25 Sept, 12:30:00, C.J. Gorterzaal
Scientific Council - Wetenschappelijke Raad (WeRa)
Meeting for staff members only

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