Important Effect Observed in Development of Quantum Storage
Rare-earth materials are prime candidates for storing quantum information, because the undesirable interaction with their environment is extremely weak. Consequently however, this lack of interaction implies a very small response to light, making it hard to read and write data. More info

Publ. 26-04-2016 13:37
LCN2 Seminar Vincent Traag
Vincent Traag from the Centre for Science and Technology Studies will give an LCN2 seminar on April 29th at 16:00 in room HL214, titled 'Methods & algorithms for detecting communities in large networks'.

Many complex networks have a More info

Publ. 26-04-2016 12:38
Lorentz Professor 2016 Charles Kane to Arrive on May 1st
On May 1st, we are delighted to welcome Prof. Charles Kane as this year’s Lorentz Professor. Kane is a world-renowned American physicist who has made major contributions to theoretical condensed matter physics. He is most famously known for discovering topological More info

Publ. 15-04-2016 16:09
Milan Allan Group Builds STM: Timelapse
Milan Allan’s research group has created a timelapse of their efforts to build their scanning tunneling microscope (STM), called Tamagotchi. An STM allows researchers to see the electronic structure of materials with atomic precision. Allan’s group wants to understand the More info

Publ. 15-04-2016 13:45
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Apetri MM, Harkes R, Subramaniam V, Canters GW, Schmidt T, Aartsma TJ (2016) Direct Observation of α-Synuclein Amyloid Aggregates in Endocytic Vesicles of Neuroblastoma Cells., PLoS ONE, 11, e0153020.
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Vera Meester, Ruben W. Verweij, Casper van der Wel, and Daniela J. Kraft (2016) Colloidal Recycling: Reconfiguration of Random Aggregates into Patchy Particles, ACS Nano, 10 (4), 4322–4329.



9 May, 09:00, HL 207
BSM Special seminar
Julian Gargiulo (University of Buenos Aires and CIBION institute): Printing and connecting colloidal nanoparticles with optical forces

17 May, 14:45, De Sitterzaal, room 032, Oort Building
Lecture course Lorentz Professor
Prof. Ch. L. Kane: "Symmetry, Topology and Phases of Matter"
"Topological Band Theory of Insulators and Semimetals"

18 May, 19:30, Sitterzaal 032
Colloquium Ehrenfestii
Charles Kane ( Lorentz Professor 2016/ U Penn): TBA

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