Stefano Coppola Receives AXA RF Fellowship to Study Pancreatic Cancer
Leiden biophysicist Stefano Coppola has received the prestigious AXA Research Fund postdoctoral fellowship. With this grant he can work for two years on a project to research the role of mechanical factors in the development of pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is More info

Publ. 16-06-2016 13:26
LION Barbecue on July 6th
This year's LION Barbecue will be held on Wednesday July 6th from approximately 5pm to 9pm.

The party committee urges everyone that has not yet registered to do so before the deadline of June 27th through this link! More info

Publ. 15-06-2016 11:39
Second layer of information in DNA confirmed
Leiden theoretical physicists have proven that not only the genetic information in DNA determines who we are, but also DNA’s mechanics. Helmut Schiessel and his group simulated many DNA sequences and found a correlation between mechanical cues and the way More info

Publ. 08-06-2016 10:16
Einstein Wall Formula Upgraded with Illustration
The painting of the Einstein field equation on the front wall of Museum Boerhaave is now upgraded with an illustration. Last November, the equation was officially launched as the first of ten formulas that will be painted on More info

Publ. 03-06-2016 12:50
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A. Vinante, M. Bahrami, A. Bassi, O. Usenko, G. Wijts, T.H. Oosterkamp (2016) Upper bounds on spontaneous wave-function collapse models using millikelvin-cooled nanocantilevers, Phys. Rev. Lett., 3, 116, 090402.
[DOI] [pdf]

Jan van Ruitenbeek (2016) Molecular machines and devices, Beilstein Journal, 7, 310-311.
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28 June, 11:15, Academy building, Rapenburg 73
Thesis Defense
Willem George Onderwaater - Interface Physics: CO Oxidation Catalysis at Multiple Length Scales
Promotor: Prof.dr. J.W.M. Frenken, co-promotor: Dr. R. Felici

29 June, 16:15, Academy building, Rapenburg 73
Thesis defense
Matthijs van Spronsen - Interfase Physics: Oxidation Catalysis on Pt and Au Complexity of Simple Chemistry
Promotor: Prof.dr. J.W.M. Frenken, co-promotores: Dr. M.N. Groot, Dr. L.B.F. Juurlink

30 June, 09:00, HL 106
BSM Seminar
Noémie Berenger-Currias: Cell adhesion molecules and cell sorting: towards the spatial control of artificial tissues

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