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LCN2 Seminar Dr. Ludo Waltman and Dr. Nees Jan van Eck
Dr. Ludo Waltman and Dr. Nees Jan van Eck from Leiden University’s Centre for Science and Technology Studies will give an LCN2 seminar on November 27th at 16:00 More info

Publ. 25-11-2015 09:14
First of ten Physics Formulas on Leiden Walls
On Tuesday November 24th, professor Robbert Dijkgraaf will unveil a painted version of Einstein’s Field Equation on Museum Boerhaave’s outside wall. This launches a series of at least ten Physics More info

Publ. 20-11-2015 11:04
Writing contest Dutch Journal of Physics
The Dutch Journal of Physics organizes a writing contest for PhD students and recent PhD graduates. Participants must be in their second year or higher of their PhD More info

Publ. 19-11-2015 14:36
PhD Student Koen Schakenraad Wins Lorentz Graduation Award
PhD student Koen Schakenraad has won this year’s Lorentz Afstudeerprijs, a prize awarded annually by the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities (KHMW) to a recently graduated More info

Publ. 18-11-2015 15:10
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Recent articles

L. van Haandel, G.M. Bremmer, P.J. Kooyman, J.A.R. van Veen, Th. Weber, E.J.M. Hensen (2015) Structure-activity correlations in hydrodesulfurization reactions over Ni-promoted MoxW(1-x)S2/Al2O3 catalysts., Catalysis, 5, 7276-7287.

V. Chikkadi, E. Woldhuis, M. van Hecke and P. Schall (2015) Correlations of strain and plasticity in a flowing foam, EPL, 112, 36004.
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25 Nov, 19:30, Sitterzaal
Colloquium Ehrenfestii
F. Verstraete (Leuven): "Entanglement matters: from Bell states to quantum tensor networks"

27 Nov, 12:19
Van der Waals Colloquium

3 Dec, 10:15, Canteen
Saint Nicholas visits LION
Come to the canteen to join in celebrating Saint Nicholas' birthday!

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