DWDD University uses Leiden Physics experiments
In the latest episode of DWDD University on 'Light', Prof. Robbert Dijkgraaf used a number of experiments from the Leiden Physics Practicum Lab. He showed why the sky is blue, that light is a wave phenomenon, how magnetism and electricity More info

Publ. 05-12-2016 15:11
Materials made of self-spinning particles
Materials are either gas, liquid or solid, based on how their molecules respond to temperature and pressure. But what if the building blocks are self-spinning particles instead of ordinary molecules? Theoretical physicists found out what determines the phase of those More info

Publ. 05-12-2016 10:42
Interactions in Designer Materials Unveiled
Graphene and other layered materials combine into completely new substances. Leiden physicists establish the ground rules for designing such materials by measuring how the layers in the stack interact. Publication on November 29 in Nature Communications.

The fascinating properties More info

Publ. 29-11-2016 11:22
Making flawless graphene coatings
Graphene holds the promise of impressive applications such as wear-resistant, friction-free coatings. But first manufacturers have to be able to produce large sheets of graphene under precisely controlled conditions. Dirk van Baarle studied how graphene grows at the atomic scale More info

Publ. 29-11-2016 08:56
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Casper van der Wel and Daniela J Kraft (2016) Automated tracking of colloidal clusters with sub-pixel accuracy and precision, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Nr. 4 Special Issue: Emerging Leaders, 29, 044001.

Vera Meester and Daniela J. Kraft (2016) Spherical, Dimpled, and Crumpled Hybrid Colloids with Tunable Surface Morphology, Langmuir, 32 (41), 10668-10677.



9 Dec, 16:00
Van der Waals Colloquium

14 Dec, 12:30, Academy building, Rapenburg 73
Thesis Defense
Marija Mučibabić (BSM): “Intricacies of α-Synuclein Aggregation“
Promotores: Prof.dr. T.J. Aartsma & Prof.dr. G.W. Canters.

15 Dec, 12:00, Canteen HL-Oort
LION Christmas lunch

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