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Second LCN2 seminar
Scientific talk: "Financial networks, systemic risk, and early-warning signals", given by Dr. Diego Garlaschelli, of the Institute Lorentz, on Friday the 24th of April at 16:00 in room L214. More info
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Publ. 24-04-2015 11:23
NeVac prize 2015 awarded to Jaap Kautz and Johannes Jobst
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Publ. 13-04-2015 16:23
Rigidity Loss in disordered systems; Three Scenarios
Disordered packings of soft particles and disordered collections of coupled springs are models for materials as diverse as foams, emulsions, sand and (bio)polymer networks. For all these, the network of More info
Publ. 02-04-2015 11:45
Bernard van Heck to attend Nobel Laureates meeting in Lindau
Bernard van Heck is one of the seven young Dutch researchers selected for the 65th edition of the Lindau Meeting, which will take place from 28 June to 3rd July More info
Publ. 16-03-2015 12:28
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Recent articles

M.A. van Spronsen, G.J.C. van Baarle, C.T. Herbschleb, J.W.M. Frenken, I.M.N. Groot (2015) High-pressure operando STM studies giving insight in CO oxidation and NO reduction over Pt(110), Catalysis Today, 244, 85-95.
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Wouter G. Ellenbroek, Varda F. Hagh, Avishek Kumar, M.F. Thorpe, and Martin van Hecke (2015) Rigidity Loss in Disordered Systems: Three Scenarios, Physical Review Letters (Cover), 114, 135501.



21 April, 12:30, De Sitterzaal
This Week's Discoveries
Tim van Erven (MI): “Machine Learning as a Game Against Nature”
Irene Groot (LION): “Caught in the act! Live observations of catalysts using scanning probe microscopy”
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22 April, 14:15, 173 Oort
Informal Seminar
Dr.Ir. Jochem Baselmans (SRON Netherlands Institute for Speace Research, Utrecht): Quasiparticle dynamics in photon detection superconducting resonators

22 April, 15:00, Academy building, Rapenburg
Thesis Defense
Shuo Mi - Instituut-Lorentz: “Signatures of majorana Zero-modes in Nanowires, Quantum Spin Hall Edges, and Quantum Dots”
Promotor: Prof.dr. C.W.J. Beenakker, co-promotor: Dr. M.T. Wimmer (TUD)

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