2.5M Euro Vacuum Fridge to Leiden Physics Institute
Tjerk Oosterkamp is awarded an NWO Large Grant of 2.5 million euro to build a machine that offers an environment with ultra-high vacuum and very low temperatures, only one thousandth of a degree above absolute zero. This will provide many More info
Important Step for Proposed Sterile Neutrino Experiment
An ambitious plan to add a new angle to the hunt for dark matter has passed an important landmark. A collaboration of particle physicists and theorists, with a leading role for Leiden University’s Alexey Boyarsky, has proposed an experiment to More info

Publ. 03-02-2016 17:03
Michel Orrit Wins Physica Prize 2016
Michel Orrit is honoured with the Physica prize 2016 for his groundbreaking work on single molecule spectroscopy. In the mid ‘80s, Orrit came to the realization that it should be possible to optically detect a single molecule. A few years More info

Publ. 02-02-2016 15:11
Four Photons Entangled in Orbital Angular Momentum
For the first time, scientists have entangled four photons in their orbital angular momentum. Leiden physicists sent a laser through a crystal, thereby creating four photons with coupled ‘rotation’. So far this has only been done for two photons. The More info

Publ. 01-02-2016 11:55
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Tulotta C, Stefanescu C, Beletkaia E, Bussmann J, Tarbashevich K, Schmidt T, Snaar-Jagalska BE (2016) Inhibition of cross-species CXCR4 signaling by the small molecule IT1t impairs triple negative breast cancer early metastases in zebrafish., Dis Model Mech.
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T.G.A. Verhagen, H.N. Tinkey, H.C. Overweg, M. van Son, M. Huber,J.M. van Ruitenbeek and J. Aarts (2016) Temperature dependence of spin pumping and Gilbert damping in thin Co/Pt bilayers, J. Phys.: Condensed Matter, 28, 056004.



18 Feb, 16:00, GL - Cell Observatory
van Leeuwenhoek lecture on BioScience
Tecumseh Fitch , Vienna: The biology and evolution of language: A comparative approach
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2 March, 19:30, Sitterzaal 032
Colloquim Ehrenfestii
Dam Son (Chicago): Emergent relativistic fermions on the half-filled Landau level

8 March, 15:00, Academy building
Thesis Defense
Vicente Atal - Instituut-Lorentz: "On multifield inflation, adiabaticity, and the speed of sound of the curvature perturbations"
Promotor: Prof.dr. A. Achúcarro, co-promotor: Prof.dr. G.A. Palma (Univ. de Chile, Santiago)

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