Research 06


Magnetic & Superconducting Materials

The group investigates superconducting and magnetic properties of materials, mostly in the form of thin films. The guiding line is to combine different materials, in order to come to different properties or functionalities, and novel physical phenomena. A good example is our work on combinations of superconductors and ferromagnets. It turns out to be possible to induce superconductivity in a ferromagnet over quite long length scales. Other research in the group involves complex oxides. We have been involved in research on ‘Colossal Magnetoresistance’ materials, and are currently studying the properties of the interface between the two band insulators SrTiO3 and LaAlO3.

The group has extensive facilities for thin film deposition (sputtering), for sub-micron structuring (electron beam patterning), for characterization (Xray, AFM), and for low-temperature measurements.

Low-T STM - vortex lattices and correlated electron systems

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super / ferro hybrids and spin switching

thin films of manganite perovskite oxides

At the moment, the group has 0 vacancy, while in special cases a position may be created. See Jobs.
Possibilities for student projects (Leiden Master phase or Erasmus programme) are also indicated.