AMC Atomic and Molecular Conductors

 turtles small chain small   PtH2 small
The signature of chemical valence in a single-atom contact  Formation and manipulation of a wire of single gold atoms  A single hydrogen molecule acting as a nanowire
 Ag2S small litho small   clusters  Escher
Fundamental mechanisms of switching in ionic conductors Lithographic break junctions for single-molecule studies Studying molecular transport using nanoparticle arrays 'ESCHER', a new LEEM/PEEM facility


Welcome to the website of the group Atomic and Molecular Conductors. We work in the field of nanophysics, where we concentrate on the electronic transport properties of atomic-sized conductors. These include single-atom contacts, chains of individual atoms and single molecules. Please browse our list of publications and preprints or the individual research pages (links above) for more information on our work.



Jan van Ruitenbeek lecturing at the RBNI winterschool at Ein Gedi, 2010