Support Departments at LION

Cryogenics Department
where you can order and fetch liquid helium and nitrogen.




Department of Fine Mechanics
technical design and engineering facility that supports the experimental research at the Faculty of Science with a wide range of hardware solutions for your experimental setup.



Electronics Department
providing solutions in the field of electronic equipment and interfacing between hardware and computers.



ICT Group
provides support with the use of the computer and the network environment of LION.




Support Departments at the Faculty of Science

Human Resources Department
For questions and answers on employment, sick leave, leave of absence, maternity/paternity leave, etc...

Environmental and Safety Group
Information regarding your work space and safety regulations.



Project Office
Financial reports for your own research projects.


Household Services and Building Maintenance
Contact for questions regarding the building and its surroundings.


The University Libraries help you find information, add structure to your data, advises on copyright questions and helps you meet regulations on open access. Making science accessible is one of our main goals.