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Presentation MSc Research project Vincent Post 11 July @ 10:00 room 276 Oort
The project has been done at Cosine measurement systems under the supervision of Dr.Chris van Dijk and Dr. Michiel de Dood.The title of the presentation is:""Image registration and attitude extraction for hyperspectral Earth observation imagery." The presentation will take More info

Publ. 23-06-2017 10:24
Galaxies and Cosmology resit now rescheduled on 12 July
Please note that the resit of the course Galaxies and Cosmology has been rescheduled on Wednesday 12 July from 14:00-17:00 hrs in room HL 106 ( previous scheduled on 7 July) More info
Publ. 22-06-2017 11:58
Presentatie BSc Research project Sietske Lensen dinsdag 27 juni @14:00, Oort 173
Het project heeft plaats gevonden in de Quantum Matter and Optics groep onder begeleiding van Dr. M. Allan, Prof.dr. Jan M. van Ruitenbeek and MSc I. Battisti.De titel van de presentatie is:"Investigation of a GHz compatible circuit for shot noise More info

Publ. 19-06-2017 16:59
Presentatie BSc Research project Koen van Deelen donderdag 29 juni @14:00, LUMC
Het project heeft plaats gevonden in de C.J.Gorter Center for High Field Magnetic Resonance groep onder begeleiding van Prof.dr.A.Webb. De titel van de presentatie is:"Low Field MRI using Halbach ferromagnet arrays." De datum van de presentatie is donderdag 29 juni More info

Publ. 19-06-2017 16:46
Student Research Conference
Contest for the best bachelor research in the Benelux; submit your thesis by 16 July. More info
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