Equipment of the Electronics Department

The Electronics Department has a range of devices and the knowledge how to use them. You may borrow equipment for a while depending on need and availability. Some equipment will be accompanied by one of our members to ensure its safe and correct use and prevent damage.



Function Description Manufacturer Type Location Contact Notes Amount    
Amplifier DC…300MHz SRS SR445 HL1005 Bert        
Amplifier/equalizer (audio)   Bright   HL1002 Rob        
Auto trafo 220V->110V EREA BA200 HL1002 Algemeen        
Block generator 0.2us...100us ELD   HL1007 Algemeen        
Bread board   Incorporated   HL1007 Algemeen        
Capacitor decade 0.1u…1n Hatfield 688A HL1002 Algemeen        
Component Analyzer   Peak Atlas   HL1005 Bert        
Counter 225MHz HP 53131A HL1007 Arno        
Counter   Tektronix DC505 HL1007 Algemeen        
Counter 120MHz…1.3GHz Phillips PM6669 HL1005 Bert        
Counter 50MHz…1GHz Digimax D-510 HL1007 Algemeen        
Current probe   HP 1164A HL1007 Algemeen        
Current probe   Tektronix P6042 HL1007 Algemeen        
Current Amplifier   Bentham 286LF HL1002 Algemeen        
Daq kaart/FFT Analyzer 14 bits 25Ms/s Gage   HL1006 Algemeen/Rene/Raymond Zit in de algemene pc 3    
Datalogger   ELD BBWM471 HL1002 Rob        
Datalogger Voltage data logger Lascar EL-USB-3 HL1006 Raymond        
Datalogger Temperature/huminity data logger Lascar EL-USB-2 HL1006 Raymond        
Datalogger Paper logger Kip en zonen   HL1002 Algemeen        
Huminity meter       HL1002 Rob        
DC Source 0…1V 1uV res HP 735A HL1002 Algemeen        
Differential Amplifier   Tektronix AM502 HL1002 Algemeen        
Differential Amplifier   Tektronix 5A21N HL1002 Algemeen        
Differential Probe   Tektronix P6046 HL1007 Algemeen        
Differential probe 20MHz HP N2772A HL1007 Algemeen        
Digital Delay   Tektronix DD501 HL1002 Ton        
Electrometer   Keithley 600B HL1002 Rob        
Electromotor 370Watt 3 Phase Rotor   HL1002 Rob        
Emultor voor Atmel processoren   AVR JTAGICE mkII HL1001 Ap/Rob        
E-Programmer   Dataman S4 HL1002 Rob        
Fet probe   Philips PM8943 HL1002 Algemeen        
Fiber optic source   Euromex   HL1002 Rene        
Filter 2 channel 0…2MHz LP/HP Krohn Hite 3202 HL1002 Algemeen        
Filter amplifier 10Hz…1MHz +/-15V +5V Tektronix   HL1007 Algemeen        
Frequency generator   Tektronix PG501 HL1007 Algemeen        
Arbitrary Waveform Generator 80 Mhz Agilent 32250A HL1001 Ap        
Arbitrary Waveform Generator 15MHz Agilent 33120A HL1002 Raymond/Algemeen/Rene/Bert   4    
Arbitrary Waveform Generator 80MHz Agilent 33250A HL1007 Arno        
Arbitrary Waveform Generator   Hameg HM8130 HL1002 Rene        
Function generator 3MHz WaveTek Model 164 HL1005 Peter        
Function generator 5MHz HP 3210A HL1007 Algemeen        
Function generator 1MHz HP 3312A HL1002 Algemeen        
Function generator 5Mhz WaveTek Model 184 HL1002 Algemeen        
Function generator 1MHz Exact Model 119 HL1007 Algemeen        
Funtion Generator 5MHz HP 3310A HL1002 Algemeen        
Funtion Generator 5MHz HP 3310A HL1007 Algemeen        
Funtion Generator 2MHz WaveTek 171 HL1007 Algemeen        
Generator 5MHz Toellner TOE7702 HL1006 Algemeen        
Halogen Lamp 500Watt Vega   HL1002 Rob        
Hand held Multimeter True RMS multimeter Fluke 111 HL1002 Raymond/Ton/Algemeen   3    
Hand held Multimeter True RMS multimeter Fluke 175 HL1007 Arno        
Hand held Multimeter   Fluke 29 HL1007 Leendert        
Hand held Multimeter   Voltcraft SDM704 HL1007 Bert        
Hand held Multimeter OLED Agilent U1253A HL1006 Algemeen        
Hand held Multimeter   Metex M-3800 HL1007 Algemeen        
Hand held Multimeter   Fluke 77 HL1006 Algemeen        
Hand held Multimeter   Fluke 179 HL1002 Ap        
Hand held Multimeter   Klaasing Electronics 93 HL1007 Rob        
Head Phones   Phillips SBC3384 HL1002 Rob        
Heat Gun 2kWatt Bosch Typ 0603290603 HL1002 Algemeen        
Heat Gun   Leister   HL1007 Algemeen        
Heat Gun 2kWatt Ferm FHG200ND HL1007 Raymond        
Heat Gun   T&B WT990G HL1002 Ton        
Heater plate 900Watt Inventum LE1 HL1002 Algemeen        
Power Resistor   Radiall R404682 HL1002 Algemeen        
HV Power supply 0…300V 0.1A Delta E0300-0.1A HL1005 Peter/Bert/Algemeen   3    
HV Power supply 0…2kV CEA   HL1002 Algemeen        
HV Power supply 0…5kV ELD   HL1007 Algemeen        
HV Power supply 0…300V 450mA Delta ESO300.450 HL1007 Algemeen        
HV Powersupply 0…150V Phillips PE1527 HL1002 Algemeen        
HV Powersupply 0…500V 300mA     HL1002 Algemeen        
HV Power supply + Preamp 0…2kV Tektronix   HL1007 Algemeen        
HV Probe   Merkloos   HL1007 Algemeen        
HV Probe   Tektronix P6015A HL1007 Algemeen        
HV Probe 25kV 2.5GHz Tektronix PSW278 HL1002 Algemeen        
Impedance/ Material Analyzer 1MHz…1.8GHz HP HP4291A HL1005 Bert        
Thermometer -50C 1150C 0.5C res Metric Metric1 HL1002 Algemeen        
Infrared Thermometer Infra red Fluke 80T-IR HL1007 Algemeen        
Thermometer/Huminity meter   Vaisala HM34 HL1002 Rob        
Isolation tranformer   Merkloos   HL1002 Algemeen        
Isolation tranformer Not isolated! ELD   HL1002 Ap        
Isolation tranformer 2kWatt Merkloos 84536 HL1002 Rob        
Isolation tranformer 50Watt ELD   HL1002 Algemeen        
Isolation tranformer   ELD   HL1002 Algemeen        
Breakdown & isolation tester 12kV LVO   HL1002 Algemeen        
Label writer USB Dymo Labelmanager PCII HL1002 Algemeen        
Label writer Qwerty Dymo 210D HL1002 Algemeen        
Label writer   Dymo Letra Tag HL1007 Algemeen        
ESR Meter   Peak Atlas ESR60 HL1005 Bert        
LCR Meter   Peak Atlas LCR40 HL1002 Bert/Raymond/Rob   3    
LCR Meter 20Hz 1MHz Agilent 4284A HL1005 Bert        
LF Generator 0…150kHz Philips PM5100 HL1007 Algemeen        
line voltage damper   IG Elektronics ESB 12/G HL1007 Algemeen        
line voltage damper   Conrad EG97 HL1007 Algemeen        
Noise Generator 1-1000MHz Rohde & Schwarz SKTU HL1005 Bert        
Low noise Transformer 1/10/1000 EG&G 190 HL1002 Algemeen        
Micro volt/amp meter   Keithley 150B HL1007 Algemeen        
Microscope 2x optisch stereo Olympus VT-II HL1002 Rob        
Milli Voltmeter AC 10Hz…12MHz Phillips 2454B HL1007 Algemeen        
Motor driver 220AC-->380VAC 3 Phase Siemens 420 HL1002 Rob        
Multimeter 4 wire measurement Keithley 2000 HL1002 Ton/Bert        
Multimeter   Tektronix DM502 HL1002 Ton        
Multimeter   Fluke 8000A HL1002 Ton        
Multimeter   Fluke 8010A   Bert        
Multimeter   Fluke 8110A HL1007 Algemeen        
Nano volt meter   Keithley 2182A HL1007 Algemeen        
Network Analyzer 50MHz…13.5GHz HP 8719D HL1005 Bert        
Null Detector microvolt meter 1uV…1kV Keithley 155 HL1002 Algemeen        
Oscillator 1.2MHz HP 204C HL1002 Algemeen        
Universal Source   HP 3245A HL1002 Algemeen        
Oscillator 1MHz Marconi TF2103 HL1005 Bert        
Oscilloscope 100Mhz 4 Mhz Agilent 32624A HL1001 Rob        
Oscilloscope 300MHz 1Gs/s Lecroy LT262 HL1007 Raymond        
Oscilloscope 350MHz 2Gs/s Agilent DSO7034B HL1007 Leendert        
Oscilloscope 200MHz 100Ms/s Tektronix TDS420A HL1007 Arno        
Oscilloscope 500MHz HP 54503A HL1006 Algemeen        
Oscilloscope 200MHz 2Gs/s 4 kanalen Tektronix TPS2024 HL1006 Algemeen        
Oscilloscope 100MHz 4 channel HP 54501A HL1005 Peter        
Oscilloscope 50MHz Tektronix 2225 HL1005 Peter        
Oscilloscope 200MHz 100Ms/s 50Kpts/ch Lecroy 9304a HL1002 Rene        
Oscilloscope 300MHz 2Gs/s Lecroy 9361C HL1002 Rene        
Oscilloscope 100MHz 200Ms/s Agilent 54624A HL1002 Rob        
Oscilloscope 10uV/div Tektronix 7603 HL1005 Bert        
Oscilloscope 400Mhz 100MS/s Lecroy 9310C HL1005 Bert        
Oscilloscope 20MHz Hameg BCC M6012 HL1006 Algemeen        
Oscilloscope 250MHz 1Gs/s HP 54510A HL1005 Bert        
Oscilloscope / logid state analyzer 350 Mhz 2 / 32 kanalen Agilent 54641D HL1001 Ap        
Oscilloscope / logid state analyzer 100Mhz 2+16 channel HP 54645D HL1007 Algemeen        
Pal TV Pattern Generator 1MHz Phillips PM5503 HL1002 Rob        
Phase modulator   ELD   HL1002 Algemeen        
Phase Oscillator 1.3MHz Feedback VPO602 HL1002 Algemeen        
Photo Camera 2Mpixel Canon Powershot A40 HL1002 Rob        
Photo Camera 8Mpixel Olympus FE-310 HL1002 Algemeen        
Endoscoop   Voltcraft   HL1002 Algemeen        
Pink Noise Source 16mV/oct CEA 1001 HL1002 Algemeen        
Power Meter 12.5GHz     HL1005 Bert        
Power Meter   HP 435A   Bert        
Power Resistor 2.4Ω Berco D0B HL1002 Algemeen        
Power Resistor 4.7Ω Arcol   HL1002 Algemeen        
Power supply 0…6V +/- 0…25V HP E3631A HL1007 Raymond        
Power supply 0…6V +/- 0…20V HP E3630A HL1007/1002 Leendert / Rene   2    
Power supply 0…30V 5A Delta ES030-5 HL1007 Arno        
Power supply 0…20V 2x 0…10V 1x Delta EST150 HL1002 Arno,Peter,Ap   3    
Power supply 0…30V 5A Delta E030-1 HL1002 Algemeen        
Power supply 0…30V 5V 3 channel GW GPC-3030 HL1002 Rene        
Power supply 0…30V Delta D030-3 HL1005 Bert        
Power supply 0…30V 2 channel Delta D030-3 HL1002 Rene/Bert        
Power supply 15V +/- ELD   HL1002 Algemeen        
Power supply   Schaffner FR102            
Power supply 0…40V 2.5A Voltcraft   HL1007 Algemeen        
Power supply 0…30V Delta LT30-2 HL1002 Ap        
Power supply 0…35V 2A Farnell PDD3502A HL1002 Rob        
Power supply 45A Oltronix B60-45 HL1007 Arno        
Power supply 0…40V 1A Oltronix C40-1 HL1005 Bert        
Power supply 12V 3.4A ELD MN8979 HL1007 Algemeen        
Power supply 60V 15A Oltronix B60-15r HL1007 Arno        
Power supply 0…40V 1A Oltronix G40-1 HL1005 Bert        
Power supply   Tektronix TM504 HL1007 Algemeen        
Power supply 0…40V 1A 0…20V 1.5A Oltronix B402 HL1007 Algemeen        
Power supply 15V 20A Delta E-015 20 HL1002 Algemeen        
Power supply 50V 10A Delta D 050-10 HL1002 Algemeen        
Power supply 35V 24V 15V 5V ELD PSM10 HL1007 Algemeen        
Power supply Photon counting module ELD BF01002 HL1007 Algemeen        
Pre-Amplifier/filter 1MHz SRS SR560 HL1007 Raymond        
Programable counter 120MHz Phillips PM6666 HL1002 Rob        
Programable Voltage Source   Keithley 230 HL1005 Bert        
Programmable DMM 6 1/2 diget Keithey 192 HL1001 Rob        
Attenuator 12db 1db/step HP 355C HL1007 Algemeen        
Attenuator 120db 10db/step HP 355D HL1007 Algemeen        
Piezo Driver 200V +/- 165mA Amolf   HL Algemeen   2    
Project board 15V +5V 1A PP 272 HL1007 Algemeen        
Puls generator   Tektronix FG502 HL1007 Algemeen        
Puls generator 1ns delay 10ns Wdith ELD BF03009 HL1007 Algemeen        
Pulse generator 20 Mhz HP 8011A HL1001 Rob        
Pulse generator   Tektronix PG501 HL1002 Ton        
Pulse generator 10MHz 30ns HP 8003A HL1007 Algemeen        
Pulse generator 50MHz 5ns Agilent 81101A HL1007 Algemeen        
Reference Unit 1uV res Philips PT2248 HL1007 Algemeen        
Resistor adjustable 5.9A 8.9 Albert v.d Perk   HL1002 Algemeen        
Resistor adjustable 11.5A 2.4Ω Albert v.d Perk   HL1002 Algemeen        
Resistor adjustable 2A 41 Ω Albert v.d Perk   HL1002 Algemeen        
Resistor adjustable 79Ω 4A Albert v.d Perk   HL1002 Algemeen        
Resistor adjustable 5.6Ω 23A Albert v.d Perk   HL1002 Algemeen        
Resistor adjustable 1.4Ω…48Ω Berco D0B HL1002 Algemeen        
Resistor array 0.1/1/10/100 Ω Resistance R402 HL1002 Algemeen        
Resistor array 1Ω…4M Samar Rs4290 HL1002 Algemeen        
Resistor array 15Ω…10M Paco SR2 HL1002 Algemeen        
Resistor array 1k…10k Lion Mount & Co. RD7 HL1002 Algemeen        
Resistor decade 1Ω...1k Hatfield 591/B HL1002 Algemeen        
Resistor decade 10Ω...10k Hatfield 591A HL1002 Algemeen        
Resistor Decade   Decabox DB52 HL1002 Algemeen        
RMS Voltmeter 10Hz 10MHz HP 3400A HL1002 Algemeen        
RMS Voltmeter   HP 400EAC HL1002 Algemeen        
RMS Voltmeter   HP 3406A HL1005 Bert        
RMS Voltmeter   HP 400E HL1007 Algemeen        
RMS Voltmeter 5Hz…20MHz Racal Dana 9300 HL1007 Algemeen        
Scales   Mettler   HL1002 Algemeen        
Scales   Philips   HL1002 Algemeen        
Scales 1gram res Tristar KW2431 HL1006 Raymond        
Scope meter 50MHz Philips PM97 HL1007 Algemeen        
Shunt resistor 25A/100mV Merkloos   HL1002 Algemeen        
Signal generator 100MHz Contant amplitude Tektronix 191 HL1007 Algemeen        
Signal generator 100kHz…150MHz Lodestar SG4160B HL1007 Algemeen        
Sinus oscillator Tube (analog) Peekel 32A HL1002 Rob        
Sound Level Meter 50…126dB Voltcraft 33-2050 HL1002 Rob        
Speaker 10Watt Active 85 HL1002 Rob        
Speaker 100Watt RTO HFW-100 HL1002 Rob        
Rulbus Rulbus rack + module ELD   HL1007 Arno        
Spectrum Analyzer   HP 8569B HL1005 Bert        
Spectrum Analyzer 1GHz Hameg HM5011 HL1005 Bert        
Sweep Generator 11 MHz Stabilized WaveTek model 22 HL1001 Ap        
Sweep Generator 0.1Hz…100kHz Phillips PM5162 HL1002 Algemeen        
Sweep Generator 8GHz ST 710B-S1087 HL1005 Bert        
Seep Generator 2...26.5GHz HP 8350B HL1005 Bert        
Seep Generator 0.01...20GHz HP 8350B HL1005 Bert        
Sweep Generator   Gould advance SW100 HL1007 Algemeen        
Television DVBT Tuner LCD     HL1006 Arno        
Television Tulp inputs CRT Phillips   HL1002 Rob        
Thermo Couple Meter   Beckmann   HL1002 Rob        
LCR Meter   Voltcraft 4080+ HL1002 Rob        
Timer 230V timer incl socket Ansmann AESI HL1007 Algemeen        
Timer 230V timer incl socket     HL1007 Algemeen        
Universal Counter   HP 53131A HL1006 Arno        
USB DAQ 24 Digital I/O National Instruments 6501 HL1007 Algemeen        
USB DAQ 8 Analog inputs 12 bit National Instruments 6008 HL1007 Algemeen        
USB DAQ 16bit 1.25Ms/s National Instruments 6251 HL1007 Algemeen        
Variac   Voltac SB-5 HL1002 Algemeen        
Variac   I E401HB/020 HL1007 Algemeen        
Variac Mobile/ heavy duty     HL1012 Algemeen        
Video Camera   Phillips   HL1002 Rob        
Video Clock   ELD   HL1002 Rob        
Video Controller   Monacor AVC607 HL1002 Rob        
    Ga Timer HL1007 Algemeen        
Video Recorder VHS JVC   HL1002 Algemeen        
Switch   Agilent 34970A HL1002 Algemeen        
Rework station Hot air,vacuum,hot plate Weller WMD-3 HL1006 Raymond        
Soldering iron Very small tip Weller WMRS HL1006 Raymond        
Soldering iron General Weller WECP-20 HL1006 Raymond        
Soldering iron Big tip 200watt Weller W201 HL1006 Raymond        
Solder fume filter   Weller WFE-p HL1006 Raymond        
SMD desolder iron SMD desoldering Star Tec ST505tw HL1006 Raymond        
Optic fiber light source   Euromex LE5211 HL1006 Raymond        
Optic fiber light source   Euromex EKO HL1006 Raymond        
Stereo microscoop 70x Euromex   HL1006 Raymond        
Mono microscoop 40x Bresser Biolux HL1006 Raymond        
Oscilloscope 100Mhz HP 54501A HL1006 Raymond        
Power supply 2x30V 2A Farnell LT30-2 HL1006 Raymond        
Multimeter   Fluke 77 HL1006 Raymond        
SMD RC Meter Hand held Voltcraft RC-100 HL1006 Raymond        
UTP Cable Analyzer Hand held in black box Peak Electronic Design HL1007 Arno        
Solder paste dispencer SMD solderpaste dispencer OKI DX-250 HL1006 Raymond        
Soldering iron Personal use Weller WSD81 HL1002          
Soldering iron Personal use Weller WS50 HL1002          
Soldering iron Personal use Weller WECP-20 HL1002          
Soldering iron Personal use Weller EC2002 HL1002          
Pliers Shrinking AMP Plugs/sockets AMP Blue/Green/Red HL1012 Algemeen   2    
Pliers Shrinking AMP Plugs/sockets AMP Yellow/Green HL1002 Algemeen   2    
Pliers Shrinking AMP Plugs/sockets RS Orange HL1012 Algemeen        
Pliers Shrinking Molex contacts Molex Orange/Black HL1012 Algemeen   2    
Pliers Shrinking Molex contacts Molex Black HL1002 Algemeen        
Pliers Moulding pins   Blue HL1012 Algemeen        
Pliers Shrinking Crimp on terminals Gold HL1012 Algemeen        
Pliers Mounting Pop Rivits   Blue HL1012 Algemeen        
Pliers Connecting RJ45 connectors Orange HL1012 Algemeen        
Pliers Connecting RJ11/RJ45 connectors Blue HL1007 Arno        
Pliers Shrinking BNC connectors   Orange HL1002 Algemeen        
Pliers Connecting fibre optic connectors AMP Yellow/Green HL1002 Algemeen        
Pliers Stripping coaxial wire Radiall Black HL1002 Algemeen