Current research projects


Intracellular Transport Analysis and Magnetic Microrheology of the Living Cell Cytoplasm

We aim at understanding the characteristics of the active transport events in livfe cells due to the presence of molecular motors, as retrieved from the recorded position fluctuations of an an engulfed bead in the living cell.


3D Topographically-controlled Cell Environments

How do cells explore their immediate three dimensional environment?
How do they distinguish between food and mere surfaces?

MF chemo topo

Spatially and Temporally Defined External Stimuli on Living Cells: A Chemotactic Trap

We developed a microfluidic setup to investigate the chemotactic response of single cells.
Trapped cells are kept in place by alternating stimuli in opposite directions.
Cell responses on very short time scales are studied.


Cross-Talk between Actin Cortex and Membrane Self-Organisation in Living Cells

We investigate actin dynamics during non-monotonic cell spreading on solid surfaces and the
involvement of (membrane) proteins during the spreading process.


Control of Living Cells by Magnetic Fluorescent Nanoparticles

We investigate the direct internalization of fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles in living cells supported by an external magnetic field and research the impact of the external magnetic force on transport properties inside the cell and on cell migration as a whole.


Cell spread and cell migration in 3D gels

For decades, biologists have been using 2D cell culture to
study biological mechanisms, but growing evidence shows
that cellular signaling and function in 2D differs greatly from
what is seen in the 3D environment of multicellular
organisms. Therefore, we use 3D gels (both artificial and natural) to cellular
morphology and motility.