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About the colloquium


The van der Waals colloquium is the bi-weekly colloquium of the Leiden Institute of Physics. Excellent speakers from near and far give intriguing talks and inspire students, postdocs and staff, presenting physics in its full width. Each van der Waals colloquium is preceded by an ‘opening act’: a PhD student or post doc from our institute, who is from a different field than the invited speaker, gives a 10-minute presentation.

The van der Waals speaker will visit Leiden for at least a day and will be available for one-to-one meetings with members of our institute – don’t forget to send an email to Yvonne (kerkhof[at]physics.leidenuniv.nl) if you are interested. After the talk we will have a ’borrel’ with plenty of time to discuss with the speaker.


 Upcoming colloquia


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