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NWO Physics Prizes: Deadline 1 April

As the FOM Foundation officially becomes part of NWO, the various FOM prizes that are periodically awarded at Physics@Veldhoven are rebranded as NWO Physics Prizes. The deadline for submitting nominations is in less than a month: 1 April.

The NWO Physics Valorisation Chapter Prize (5,000 EUR) is now open for any PhD student who gains their doctorate in the Netherlands in the field of physics. Previously, only FOM researchers could be nominated for this prize.

Other prizes are:
NWO Physics Valorisation Prize (250,000 EUR; of which 235,000 EUR to be spent on research)
Minerva Prize (5,000 EUR)
NWO Physics Thesis Award (10,000 EUR)

You will find information about submission by clicking the respective links.

Publ. 03-03-2017 15:25
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