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On the way to understanding amyloid fibrils

In amyloid fibrils, proteins assemble into nanometer-sized columns that have the flexibility of steel. The glue that converts the spaghetti-like proteins to assemble into self-repeating structures that form the fibril are normal inter-protein interaction forces, so the magic lies in the precise arrangement of the protein. We installed nano-sized markers, measured distances and found - based on gross approximations - a possible arrangement of the fibril for Parkinson's protein alpha-synuclein. This peek into amyloid structure comes from the Electron Paramagnetic Resonance group of Martina Huber in Leiden in collaboration with the Twente/AMOLF group of Subramaniam. Read more in Applied Magnetic Resonance Read More
Publ. 27-01-2015 10:53
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