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Dr. Stephan Eijt New External Member Exam Committee

Tomorrow, the LION exam committee welcomes a new, external member. As of 1 September, at least one of the exam committee’s members has to be from outside Leiden University. The LION committee is very pleased that Dr. Stephan Eijt from TU Delft has accepted their invitation to take a seat as the fifth member. Eijt is already chairman of the exam (sub)committee BSc Applied Physics in Delft, and therefore brings much experience to the table, according to prof. Jan van Ruitenbeek, who chairs the LION exam committee. ‘Plus we have an intensive collaboration with Delft. This exchange helps with that.’

The exam committee is responsible for the overall level of exams, and meets five times a year to discuss individual deviations from the standard curriculum and the implementation of a binding study advice. Students are never excluded through an automated process. If someone fails to meet the requirements for a positive study advice, and thinks this is due to personal circumstances, the committee discusses this and might grant a pardon.
Publ. 31-08-2015 16:46
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