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Physics Ladies’ Day: High School Girls Explore Physics

Over 90 female future students from VWO 5 and 6 explored the Physics education in Leiden during the annual Physics Ladies’ Day, last Friday. The girls went speed dating with female physicists from several companies and the university. Students told about their choice for Physics, what it entails and student life. The participants also carried out some experiments themselves in the laboratory. ‘What courses do Physics students take?’ and ‘What are the career options with a Physics degree?’. These and many other questions were answered by LION students, professors and alumni.

Adeline and Susanne (5 VWO)

This was also the reason for Adeline and Susanne to register for the Physics Ladies’ Day. ‘We already know we want to do a science study, but we’re not sure yet which one. This is a good moment to look around.’ Adeline: ‘Today I found out that Physics is more than just formulas.’ Susanne: ‘Also for me it became much clearer what the Physics education exactly entails.’

Hannah and Francesca (5 VWO)

Hannah and Francesca are orientating on a their future studies as well. Hannah: ‘I’m still in doubt between Medicine and Physics. Today I saw during in a lecture that you can combine Physics with other disciplines, like Biology. The education is very broad.’ Francesca: ‘During the speed date sessions, I noticed that you can go in many directions with a Physics degree. I spoke for example with someone from I didn’t expect that!

Nynke (6 VWO)

Nynke: ‘At lunch I talked with one of the students. She combines the studies Astronomy, Physics and Mathematics. I visited their presentations during the Open Day. It’s good to know that you can combine them, perhaps I don’t need to choose between different studies.

Addition to Open Days and Proefstudeerdagen

The Physics Ladies’ Day is an addition to Leiden University’s Open Days and Proefstudeerdagen. VHTO, the national expertise organization for girls/women in science, organizes in collaboration with education institutes and companies many activities for girls to increase the participation of girls and women in the world of science, technology and ICT.
Publ. 04-11-2015 10:22
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