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Teacher Meeting on Physics and Astronomy

Tonight, Thu Nov 12th, over sixty participants take part in a meeting at the science faculty in which high school teachers deepen their knowledge of physics and astronomy and explore new teaching methods. The Physics and Astronomy departments organize these teacher meetings three times per year.

Research group leader Sense Jan van der Molen opens the evening with a lecture on the electrical properties of two-dimensional materials, in which he elaborates on his research with low-energy electron microscopy. After the dinner break, Pedro Russo will introduce the European education project TEMI—Teaching Enquiry with Mysteries Incorporated—that uses the concept of mysteries to stimulate enquiry-based learning in high school education. He is followed by Wouter Spaan, who presents his book Show de Fysica. Prof. Dirk van Delft, director of museum Boerhaave, will talk about the exhibition Einstein & Friends that is currently showing. Henk Buisman, who coordinates the connection between high school and university, wraps up the meeting by providing insights into the recent developments in setting up a series of class experiments that fit the new physics high school curriculum.
Publ. 12-11-2015 15:13
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