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Physics Wall Formulas on TV Show 'De Kennis van Nu Nieuws'

Tomorrow (November 26th) at 16:35, science tv show De Kennis van Nu Nieuws shows the painting of the first of many physics formulas on walls in Leiden’s city centre, on channel NPO 2. This is a project of LION’s Sense Jan van der Molen and Nikhef’s Ivo van Vulpen, who want to give more visibility to Leiden’s scientific history, alongside its rich history in humanities, represented by the omnipresent wall poems. Yesterday, prof. Robbert Dijkgraaf unveiled Einstein’s field equation on an outside wall of Museum Boerhaave. We celebrate the 100th birthday of the corresponding theory of general relativity this week, making it the perfect formula to kick-off the project. The so-called cosmological constant in the equation was added later, after discussions with Leiden’s Willem de Sitter.

What: Tv show De Kennis van Nu Nieuws

When: November 26th, 16:35-16:45

Where: Channel NPO 2

For those who are unable to watch it at the specified time, the broadcast will be available here afterwards.
Publ. 25-11-2015 17:16
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