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LION half year overview - Happy Holidays!

We are halfway through the academic year 2015-2016 and LION is off to a great start with many beautiful discoveries. With the year 2015 coming to an end, it is time to take a break and enjoy the things we've achieved.

When the days were still long and warm, Martin van Hecke developed a new material that challenged 250 year old building principles.

Around the same time, Dirk Bouwmeester's group discovered that a free, magnetised plasma reconfigures into a stable shape in certain conditions.

While the leaves gently turned yellow, Sense Jan van der Molen and his researchers published an article on their LEEP potentiometry technique.

And when thick layers of clouds covered the skies in autumn, Alexey Boyarsky was not discouraged and looked up into the Universe anyway, to investigate a conspicuous signal that might hold clues towards the nature of dark matter.

Weeks of rain followed, leaving our researchers nothing else to do but to stay inside and work on their papers. Martina Huber used a new technique to monitor how certain proteins rearrange into a functional structure, Michiel de Dood developed a way to address how accurately an SSPD can be characterized by detector tomography and Van der Molen's team invented a new technique to fathom smart materials

In the meantime, Jan Zaanen and Koenraad Schalm published a book on Holographic Duality in Condensed Matter Physics, Maarten Leeuwenhoek won the first LION Image Award and LION spread its wisdom across Leiden by painting Physics formulas on walls in the city center.

In the closing weeks of 2015, Sanli Faez devised a technique to track nanometer-sized viruses at sub-millisecond time scales, Dorothea Samtleben and her colleagues at KM3NeT placed the first detector of an enormous neutrino telescope in the Mediterranean Sea and Huber's group found a surprisingly strong binding between α-synuclein and membranes.

With many more papers published, prizes won, grants awarded and colloquiums organized we can safely congratulate all LION members with a great first half year of 2015-2016, and wish everyone within and outside the institute happy holidays! We'll be back in 2016 with more exciting discoveries.
Publ. 21-12-2015 18:59
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