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TV Show Klokhuis Visits LION

Ask any Dutch person how they first got engaged with science, and the answer will probably be: Het Klokhuis. In fact, chances are that many of the Dutch researchers at our institute got their first inspiration to become a scientist from this kids tv show, which has been running for three decades on national television. And we can even say with certainty that some of today’s audience will end up conducting groundbreaking research at LION, some twenty years from now. Without them knowing, they got acquainted with their future employer during an episode on cold temperatures, as Het Klokhuis paid the Leiden Institute of Physics a visit.

Presenter Nienke de la Rive Box explains the relationship between vibrating molecules and temperature and shows Tjerk Oosterkamp’s ultra-cold fridge, which reaches one milliKelvin. After elaborating on Heike Kamerlingh Onnes’ experiment with liquid helium, she can’t resist the urge to freeze random fruits and vegetables and smash them to pieces, assisted by students from RINO. Through this link you can watch the action and see how Leiden research inspires the next generation of scientists (10:34-13:47).
Publ. 20-01-2016 13:39
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