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Teachers Celebrate Einstein's Birthday in Leiden

March 14th is a special day for science enthusiasts worldwide, as we not only celebrate π day but also Albert Einstein’s birthday. To commemorate this anniversary and encourage as much π jokes as possible, the Leiden institute of physics organizes an afternoon for high school teachers and students. The day is filled with lectures on Einstein’s life in Leiden, his role in quantum mechanics, his theory of general relativity and the recent detection of gravitational waves. The participants will also get a guided tour through many different labs, like the Kamerlingh Onnes lab, the Cell Observatory and the Electron Paramagnetic Resonance lab. A staggering 42 teachers and 121 students have already subscribed, exceeding the capacity of the De Sitter room. For this reason an additional live stream is set up in room 111.
Publ. 11-03-2016 14:07
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