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No neutrinos from gravitational wave event

An international team of scientists, including Leiden physicist Dorothea Samtleben, has used the ANTARES and IceCube neutrino telescopes to study the black hole merger that became famous last February as the source of the first ever detected gravitational waves. Any emitted neutrinos would give a more detailed picture of the event than scientists could deduce from only gravitational radiation. Samtleben and her colleagues searched in the recorded data from both telescopes for hints of neutrino outbursts within 500 seconds of the historic merger, coming from the same part of the sky. In the end, they didn’t find any candidate events.

This study is the first neutrino follow-up of a gravitational wave event, and is a good test case for following up the many expected future gravitational radiation detections. It also gives the first concrete limit on neutrino emission from this specific February merger. A total of 1395 authors publish the corresponding paper in Physical Review D.

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Publ. 05-05-2016 11:37
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