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Summer Course 'Big Science' Visits Physics Institute

Professors in science communication Bas Haring and Ionica Smeets organize a summer course titled ‘Big Science’ this week, for around fifty participants of all ages and backgrounds. On the afternoon of Thursday July 30th, the course will visit the Leiden Institute of Physics.

PhD students Bart Clauwens and Kate Sokolova will give lectures on respectively cosmology and biophysics. Afterwards, the participants will enjoy a tour through the Kamerlingh Onnes laboratory, where they will be introduced to the experimental setups of the research groups of Sense Jan van der Molen, Tjerk Oosterkamp, Milan Allan and Dirk Bouwmeester. Hosts of the lab tour are PhD students Daniel Geelen, Jelmer Wagenaar, Koen Bastiaans and Frank Buters.

The course ‘Big Science’ teaches anyone that is interested in science about the basics of a multitude of disciplines, like chaos theory, probability theory, quantum mechanics and evolution.
Publ. 30-06-2016 12:23
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