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Two winners in final Junior Physics Olympiad

High school students Bas Teisman and Erik van Dijk have won the national final of the Junior Physics Olympiad in Leiden.

The final consisted of three parts; a movie of an experiment, open questions and closed questions. Lucas van der Poll and Erik van Dijk won the category 'movies'. Daan Timmers answered the open questions best and Richard Wols beat the rest in the closed questions.

The overall winners of the Junior Physics Olympiad are Erik van Dijk from the Eemsdeltacollege in Appingedam and Bas Teisman from the Praedinius Gymnasium in Groningen.

1,540 participants
In February of this year, 1,540 third year high school students started the first round of the Junior Physics Olympiad. Over one hundred bright young minds managed to reach the regional finals. At six different locations in The Netherlands, they performed a practical experiment and answered closed question on a test. The 31 student with the best score eventually qualified for a spot in the national final at the Leiden Institute of Physics.

Finals day
On the day of the final, the now fourth year students were offered a rich programme with alternately lectures, tests and lab tours. The morning started off with a test with open questions, followed by a lecture from experimental physics Professor Martin van Hecke on his flexible cubus. After a tour through the Kamerlingh Onnes lab and a hearty lunch, the participants wrapped their heads around a number of multiple-choice questions in the final exam. Theoretical physicist Professor Carlo Beenakker closed off the day with a lecture on ‘Weird effects of quantum’ and the prize ceremony.

Second time
The Freudenthal Institute and the Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics organized the Junior Physics Olympiad for the second time. Last year, the first prize went to Samuel Klumpers from the Stedelijk Gymnasium in Utrecht.

Erik van Dijk from the Eemsdeltacollege in Appingedam and Bas Teisman from the Praedinius Gymnasium in Groningen win the 1st prize.

The prize winners in all categories take a picture with Prof. Carlo Beenakker.

Smiling faces at the 'frisborrel' after the closing ceremony.

Publ. 29-09-2016 17:16
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