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Quantum Mechanics Course for Physics teachers

LION organizes a course on quantum mechanics for high school Physics teachers. As the curriculum gains a new quantum component, Leiden University enables teachers to give the best possible guidance to their students.

In five evenings, physics staff members walk through the new quantum syllabus and provide additional background information, to refresh and enrich teachers’ memory on the subject. They address topics like particle properties of waves, atomic structure and Eigenvalues.

Alongside lectures, the participants engage in workshops and exercises to master their new curricular material. ‘We assume that teachers have a solid sleeping knowledge of quantum mechanics, that they didn’t use until one year ago, when quantum physics was introduced in the high school program,’ says Bert van der Hoorn, co-organizer with Henk Buisman. ‘The course aims to get teachers right on top of the material so they are comfortable answering any follow-up questions that their students might have.’

Thirty-seven high school teachers take the quantum course in Leiden University’s new Studio Classroom every other Tuesday from 16:30 to 20:20 in October and November.

Publ. 08-11-2016 10:30
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