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Our pillar technology is featured in a technology note of Nature. More info
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Publ. 14-06-2017 17:08
AxA postdoctoral fellowship for Stefano Coppola
Stefano Coppola received the prestigious postdoc fellowship from AxA. With this 2-years fellowship he will develop 'Mechanobiology as a novel label-free diagnostic biomarker to predict risks in pancreatic carcinogenesis' in our lab.

Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is the deadliest of all More info

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Publ. 10-06-2016 10:46
Rolf's and Mihaela's a-syn paper appeared in PLoS One.
Direct Observation of α-Synuclein Amyloid Aggregates in Endocytic Vesicles of Neuroblastoma Cells. PLoS One (2016) 11, e0153020 More info
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Publ. 29-04-2016 19:44
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Coppola S, Carnevale I, Danen EHJ, Peters GJ, Schmidt T, Assaraf YG, Giovannetti E (2017) A mechanopharmacology approach to overcome chemoresistance in pancreatic cancer., Drug Resist. Updat., 31, 43-51.
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Richter D, Moraga I, Winkelmann H, Birkholz O, Wilmes S, Schulte M, Kraich M, Kenneweg H, Beutel O, Selenschik P, Paterok D, Gavutis M, Schmidt T, Garcia KC, Müller TD, Piehler J (2017) Ligand-induced type II interleukin-4 receptor dimers are sustained by rapid re-association within plasma membrane microcompartments., Nat Commun, 8, 15976.
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Becchetti A, Crescioli S, Zanieri F, Petroni G, Mercatelli R, Coppola S, Gasparoli L, D'Amico M, Pillozzi S, Crociani O, Stefanini M, Fiore A, Carraresi L, Morello V, Manoli S, Brizzi MF, Ricci D, Rinaldi M, Masi A, Schmidt T, Quercioli F, Defilippi P, Arcangeli A. (2017) The conformational state of hERG1 channels determines integrin association, downstream signaling, and cancer progression., Science Signaling, 10, eaaf3236.
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Askes SH, Leeuwenburgh VC, Pomp W, Arjmandi-Tash H, Tanase S, Schmidt T, Bonnet S (2017) Water-Dispersible Silica-Coated Upconverting Liposomes: Can a Thin Silica Layer Protect TTA-UC against Oxygen Quenching?, ACS Biomater Sci Eng, 3, 322-334.
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